Bookkeeping Services

HST Support

Are you looking for help getting your quarterly HST returns done on time? Islet offers basic accounting support to help you stay on top of your HST and keep you out of tax debt. We work with your accountant to ensure that your income and expenses are processed correctly throughout your business year, and provide you with up-to-date financial statements.

Subcontractor Basic

Quarterly income & expense tracking with HST return preparation, starting at $30/mo.

Small Business Basic

Monthly income & expense tracking, bank reconciliation plus HST return preparation.

Small Business Incorporated

Monthly income & expense tracking, bank reconciliation, financial statement preparation, HST return filing and year-end tax assistance.

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Payroll processing for direct deposit and monthly payroll remittance preparation. Talk to us for details and pricing.

Catching up

Are you behind on your taxes? We offer data entry services on back tax catch-up projects to help you meet your CRA deadline.